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6 Things You Shouldn't Assume About Hiring A Sound Engineer For Your Project

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Sound engineers can provide essential expertise when you're involved in a project that requires you to record, mix, recreate, or improve sounds. It's important that you're not misinformed about what sound engineers do when you need their services.

The following are six things you shouldn't assume about hiring a sound engineer for your project. 

You will lose control over your audio project when you hire a sound engineer.

Sound engineers will provide you with their expertise while also giving you the final word on decisions that are made regarding your project. Don't think that you'll lose control after you hire a sound engineer. 

You can easily do your own mixing or sound engineering work.

High-quality sound engineering work takes experience and education. Sound engineering also often requires specialized equipment that you might not have available. A sound engineer can do a much higher quality job on your audio project than you're likely to be able to do by yourself. 

It's too expensive to hire a sound engineer.

Some people forego the services of a sound engineer because they think that the cost of such services won't fit their budget. However, you should get quotes from a few sound engineering services. With some effort and persistence, you will probably be able to find a sound engineer offering services at a price that fits your budget. 

You won't be able to find a sound engineer near you unless you're located in an urban area.

You might be surprised to find that sound engineering services are available just about everywhere. You should be able to find a sound engineer near you even if your location is fairly rural. Do some research online or in a local phonebook to find the sound engineering services that are closest to you. 

A sound engineer can make a low-quality recording sound good.

While sound engineers can do great things with sound recordings, they can't perform miracles. To get a good end product, sound engineers need to be able to work with an original audio file that at least meets some basic quality standards. 

Sound engineers are all the same.

Sound engineers often specialize in different areas. While some sound engineers might specialize in the audio remastering of music recording, others might specialize in wireless microphone engineering or film audio.

For the best results in your project, make sure you're researching the experience and specialty of sound engineers before you decide which one to hire.